Netflix Film Depicting A Gay Jesus Incites #CanceloNetflix Hashtag

Netflix has experienced backlash during the Christmas season as a result of a Brazilian comedy special that depicts Jesus as a gay man.


Netflix film depicting a gay Jesus incites #Cancelonetflix hashtag. The streaming giant has had its share of controversy over the years, igniting debate over everything from what constitutes an Oscar-worthy movie release to the necessity of auto-trailers.

In all fairness, it really shouldn’t surprise anyone that a service as large and wide reaching as Netflix would experience the odd controversy now and again. Today’s audiences often seem more easily angered than ever before, and one never knows exactly what will set a certain segment of the population off at any given time. With that in mind, the job that Netflix is doing to entertain its colossal number of global subscribers comes off as all the more impressive. However, if there’s one thing that cinema has always done and should always do, it’s provoke a certain amount of lively debate and discussion. We’ve seen this with Netflix programming before – 13 Reasons Why, Atypical, and the 2018 film Desire are just a handful of examples of programming that has, at one time or another, gotten Netflix into hot water. It goes without saying that if the streaming platform isn’t currently experiencing some sort of blow back, it’s typically only a short wait for all of that to change.


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